Friday, September 26, 2008

privatizing profits, socializing losses - glenn beck @ cnn

Commentary: Financial meltdown is an absolute disaster -

So now that we're here, what do we do? I am massively conflicted about this bailout program. The idea of government stepping in to bail out international banks that were reckless with their own business literally makes my stomach churn. We are privatizing gains and socializing losses.

nuked - daily mail

ALEX BRUMMER: Nuked! Why our children will pay a heavy price for the scandalously short-sighted sale of our nuclear industry | Mail Online:

The very idea that we should trust the future of nuclear power, one of Britain's most strategic industries, to an overseas company is extraordinary enough.

But what makes the £12.5 billion takeover of nuclear generator British Energy by Electricite de France (EDF) even more outrageous is that the buyer is 85 per cent owned by the French state.

In effect, this country is placing control over its energy needs in the hands of a foreign-owned enterprise...

Israel asked US for green light to bomb nuclear sites in Iran

Israel asked US for green light to bomb nuclear sites in Iran:

Israel gave serious thought this spring to launching a military strike on Iran's nuclear sites but was told by President George W Bush that he would not support it and did not expect to revise that view for the rest of his presidency, senior European diplomatic sources have told the Guardian.

US ‘will lose financial superpower status’ / World - US ‘will lose financial superpower status’:

The US will lose its status as the superpower of the world financial system. This world will become multi polar with the emergence of stronger, better capitalised centres in Asia and Europe, Mr Steinbrück told the German parliament. The world will never be the same again.

Obama camp: McCain's 'stunt'

Ben Smith's Blog: Obama camp: McCain's 'stunt' -

the only thing McCain really wants suspended is the American people’s disbelief. In fact, he’s been in full campaign mode the entire time.