Sunday, March 26, 2006

'The N' TV network

In this article, the author laments the loss of a favorite show on The TV Review: Radio Free Roscoe

I'm here to add a few shows I think The N ought to pick up.

All of these are currently running on the UK network with a similar target demographic called Trouble.

1. 'Sausage Factory' / 'Now What' - This show was apparently produced in Canada, features Adam Brody, and previously ran on The N's big brother MTV USA. I think it's only a six-episode series, but it wouldn't be bad for filling a gap when new episodes of Degrassi aren't airing.

2. Amish in the City - This show was aired on The N's former big brother UPN, and would be a great "real" reality show that would fit with The N's overall programming by not being too glitzy nor too outrageous or "unbelievable."

3. Just Deal - While The N has run this show before, I wish they'd bring it back even as overnight reruns anywhere from 1-5 nights a week. This way, those interested could TiVo (or TiFaux (Tape ^-^)) the program. It's a good show, from Tom Lynch (the creator of South of Nowhere) and deserves to be on TV somewhere. Features the excellent Jewel Staite.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

am - fm protection racket

Anti-Satellite Radio Bill -

I sent the following message to my senators about the Local Emergency Radio Service Preservation Act of 2006 (S. 2418) :

I'm writing in regards to the "Local Emergency Radio Service Preservation Act of 2006" (S. 2418).

As a satisfied customer of both XM and Sirius Satellite Radio companies, I would like to respectfully ask that the aforementioned Act not be passed. It represents an unfair restriction on Satellite Radio's ability to serve its customers. If regular AM & FM radio provided what people want, they wouldn't be voluntarily buying new radios and paying monthly service fees.

To me, this is a simple question of innovation. The Act would curtail the ability of new entrants into the radio market to compete by better serving their customers.

Traditional AM & FM stations should compete by offering a better product, not by asking for protectionist handouts from the government. If the Act is passed, traditional radio loses its incentive to offer a better product to its listeners.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

no more ... until they fix things - Anderson Cooper 360� Blog: "I have a thought here. What if every big news station in the country sent just one crew down to New Orleans and reported every hour on the hour until the country becomes so sick of it they either bang down the White House door telling them to fix this or they go fix it themselves? No more BS about who the VP shot.No more about secret wiretapping that is going to go on wether we like it or not.No more tragic stories about floods or collapses in other parts of the world when we can't even handle our own.No more HollyWood BS about who is dating who, who's pregnant, who's on drugs, who's gay, who's getting arrested and who's wearing what.There are only two things this country should care about right at this moment. Hurricane Katrina victims and the selling of our souls to the UAE.

Posted By Theresa Costello, Immaculata, PA"