Friday, February 11, 2005

Real on Linux

What could be coming to a Real may or may not mature on Linux | The Register: "... future version of Real for Linux are new radio stations."

It'd be nice if they'd offer those Rhapsody Radio stations to Mac OS X SuperPass holders as well. The stations they offer now (while not having awful quality at 64k RealAudio8) could be a lot better. There are formats I find missing, and there doesn't seem to be much new music. It'd be nice if they could offer stations streaming at 64k AAC, or better yet, 32k-48k aacPlus (for a sampling of what that could sound like, check out and use the VLC media player to listen.)

FWIW, I wonder if Linspire would be interested in bundling such a subscription service with their Linux distro? Linspire and its founder are both rather anti-DRM, but since this wouldn't be an actual music store, just a paid radio, they may have some interest. It would allow them to offer popular music to their customers, not just the limited selections of indies at

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