Thursday, May 12, 2005

i want to say yahoo !

But I can't! At this Apple - IT Pro page, it says that: "Yahoo! Finds a Perfect Picture". Unfortunately, they are referring to Yahoo Singapore, as I finally realized after reading most of the entire linked PDF article.

It's all well and good that Yahoo is using QuickTime in Singapore, but why won't Apple lean on Yahoo USA to at least offer QuickTime as an option on their News, Weather, and Music sites? The only Yahoo site that offers QuickTime media is the Movies section, and even then it appears only certain clips are available in QT. Everything else at Yahoo is primarily in Windows Media, with a small dash of Real Media here and there.
I'm not saying WM or RM ought to be removed, but QT should be offered as well. Heck, some of the videos on their news section, last I checked, showed filenames ending in ".MOV" when opened in a standalone player - indicating that those files were actually QuickTime to begin with, and had to be converted to WM format.

Alternatively, I suppose the next best option would be to simply move to Flash video, since just about everyone and his robot has the Flash plugin installed these days.
But I think (especially the new H.264 format of) QuickTime would allow a very high-quality cross-platform experience.

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