Friday, June 24, 2005

Opponents On Different Wavelengths

Opponents On Different Wavelengths: "Another Republican, a House aide, ... who asked not to be identified because his boss is trying to avoid publicly criticizing public broadcasting, recounted traveling through the South recently and hearing 'six Christian radio stations and NPR. The contrast was obvious. There's a real cultural dissonance there.'"

What in the world? I'd be worried if NPR did sound like the other 6 Christian stations. NPR shouldn't be identifiably left or right in its overall programming mix. There certainly are commentators and hosts on NPR that lean to the left in their personal views, and some that lean to the right - and maybe, just maybe, the left-leaning ones do tend to be heard a bit more often. But NPR still does a much better job of identifying commentary and opinion as such than many others, and allowing all voices to speak, whether they be from a red state, a blue state, or a state of mind.

FWIW, it's not as if I think NPR shouldn't discuss Christianity, but it should cover it as one of many belief systems, not the only one out there.

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Stressburn said...

A politican in the making????