Friday, March 26, 2010

Healthcare Price Indexes

In my online travels, I've found a few different interesting providers of healthcare price or cost information on the Internet:

  1. PriceDoc at - seems to be the most comprehensive of all, although its network did not offer a lot of locations particularly close to me, it does seem to have a lot of listings nationwide. Also offers a unique "Priceline" style feature where you can name a cash price, and they'll try to find a physician/professional who will accept your offer.
  2. Healthcare Blue Book at - While they don't offer prices for specific practitioners, this site is great for getting an idea of the average "fair" price for many medical procedures in your own zip code. (Seems to offer nationwide coverage.)
  3. Out Of Pocket at - Not sure this site is very helpful for the average person. It seemed to be little more than an interface to Google at the time of my review.

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