Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More on Medicaid Expansion in Indiana

Viewed in percentage terms, nearly 12 percent of Indiana’s 6.5 million people are currently uninsured. The onset of Obamacare, including an expansion of Medicaid coverage, would cut that number by nearly half, to 6 percent.
But if Indiana does not expand Medicaid coverage, its uninsured population will remain at nearly 10 percent.
In better Medicaid news, the state of Indiana has reversed some recession-era rate cuts, restoring provider rates for Traditional Medicaid & Hoosier Healthwise back to pre-2010 levels.

Michigan continues to negotiate both intrastate and with the federal government regarding just how restrictive state lawmakers may make the Medicaid program while still receiving new expansion funds under the Affordable Care Act.

Health Affairs studies the impact on both numbers and rates of uninsured by state, whether each state opts in or out of Medicaid Expansion.

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