Thursday, July 08, 2004

AOL/AIM offer IM Relay

As explained here, the new IM Relay service for those who communicate better with text or sight than hearing or speech is also available to users of iChat AV on Mac OS X. I think it would be so cool if (perhaps as part of the launch of OS X 10.4) Apple put up a "Relay Phone Booth" in each store, which would simply consist of a privacy screen, an iSight, and either an iMac or any other sort of Mac. The accessibility features of 10.4 would be activated and/or a poster would explain how to activate them easily, and Apple could invite people to make free IM Relay calls at Apple Stores. It'd be a nice service to provide. I'm sure this could already be done, btw, but if Apple were to promote it properly, it could be another way to show customers how an Apple product can make life easier.

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