Friday, July 02, 2004

Sony's "ipod killer" - yeah right!

the Mp3 player that does NOT play Mp3's!
I will add one small correction to this link:
They say of the iPod's 8 formats that only one has DRM. That is slightly wrong. There are *two* DRM formats on the iPod, Protected AAC (as downloaded from iTunes Music Store) and Audible (*.AA files downloaded from However, it doesn't diminish in any way, the main point, which is that the iPod is compatible already with the format that most people have most of their music in, which is MP3. You need not convert, fold, spindle, mutilate or otherwise harm your MP3 files to play them on the iPod. This in fact, as far as I know, is what has made it so simple for third-party developers to work with the iPod; it will play standard unencrypted formats such as MP3, MP4/AAC, and even Text files (for the Notes feature). AIFF, WAV, and Apple Lossless MP4 support is also included, for those that can't stand even the lightest lossy compression.

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