Sunday, March 26, 2006

'The N' TV network

In this article, the author laments the loss of a favorite show on The TV Review: Radio Free Roscoe

I'm here to add a few shows I think The N ought to pick up.

All of these are currently running on the UK network with a similar target demographic called Trouble.

1. 'Sausage Factory' / 'Now What' - This show was apparently produced in Canada, features Adam Brody, and previously ran on The N's big brother MTV USA. I think it's only a six-episode series, but it wouldn't be bad for filling a gap when new episodes of Degrassi aren't airing.

2. Amish in the City - This show was aired on The N's former big brother UPN, and would be a great "real" reality show that would fit with The N's overall programming by not being too glitzy nor too outrageous or "unbelievable."

3. Just Deal - While The N has run this show before, I wish they'd bring it back even as overnight reruns anywhere from 1-5 nights a week. This way, those interested could TiVo (or TiFaux (Tape ^-^)) the program. It's a good show, from Tom Lynch (the creator of South of Nowhere) and deserves to be on TV somewhere. Features the excellent Jewel Staite.

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