Wednesday, March 01, 2006

no more ... until they fix things - Anderson Cooper 360� Blog: "I have a thought here. What if every big news station in the country sent just one crew down to New Orleans and reported every hour on the hour until the country becomes so sick of it they either bang down the White House door telling them to fix this or they go fix it themselves? No more BS about who the VP shot.No more about secret wiretapping that is going to go on wether we like it or not.No more tragic stories about floods or collapses in other parts of the world when we can't even handle our own.No more HollyWood BS about who is dating who, who's pregnant, who's on drugs, who's gay, who's getting arrested and who's wearing what.There are only two things this country should care about right at this moment. Hurricane Katrina victims and the selling of our souls to the UAE.

Posted By Theresa Costello, Immaculata, PA"

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