Tuesday, March 20, 2007

a letter to npr

Zune buttons on NPR Podcast pages?

I see "Download to Zune" buttons sprinkled around the podcast pages here at NPR.org. Are these paid for by Microsoft? I would assume they are, since no other hardware player is specifically promoted in the same way.

I realize that other buttons on the podcast pages either contain or link to commercial sites, such as iTunes or My Yahoo!, but I am under the impression that those were chosen as part of the site's basic functionality, and were more of an editorial or technical decision. The Zune buttons appear to merely be a financial decision.

If NPR is in fact being compensated by Microsoft to promote the Zune in this way, I would prefer that this was identified as advertising. It may be inelegant to put that identification right next to the Zune button - but it could be placed further down on the page. Something like "Zune(TM) download links underwritten by Microsoft." would be fine.

As it is, the Zune buttons appear like they are placed there as an editorial or technical matter, but it just doesn't seem right for a network that generally separates sponsorship from editorial functions.
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