Thursday, July 01, 2010

Google Business Solutions

Continuing from the subject of the previous post, Google has a bunch of additional services to offer businesses, small, medium, and large alike.
The Google Business Services page - - offers these options:
AdWords - buy keyword targeted advertising both within search results and across the entire web.
AdSense - show AdWords on your own website or within your own application to earn revenue for your organization.
Analytics - track visitors and produce reports for management.
Google Enterprise Search - all the power of Google, for your own intranet.
Google Places - post and update business information so consumers can find out more while searching Google or Google Maps.
Google Apps - Gmail, Google Docs, and more, all virtually hosted within your own domain for your organization.
Checkout - a way to accept money online. An alternative to payment systems like PayPal.
Postini - the power of Google to control spam or other undesired email for your entire business.
Merchant Center - Google's tool to upload your business product inventory. This allows your inventory to be accessible and searchable across many Google properties, including Search, Product Search, and Commerce Search. When consumers use Google to shop - your items will be listed.
Website Optimizer - Google helps you optimize your own business or organizational website so that it's easily and thoroughly indexed by Google's search tools.

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