Friday, April 15, 2011

Potential new Sirius / XM channels

As a result of a voluntary merger commitment, at least twelve channels (six on XM and six on Sirius) have been set aside for leasing to "qualified entities."
Here's a breakdown of applicants and what they might plan to program on each of their potential satellite radio channels:

3MR, LLC - No idea. Googling inconclusive.
Bill Bragg DBA Yesterday USA Radio - Obviously, Old Time Radio from
BYU Broadcasting - Probably
Common Frequency, Inc - Student & community broadcasters?
Corelink Radio - Christian Hip Hop / Holy Hip Hop / Rhythm & Praise
Creative Hyperbole - News/Talk - perhaps some sort of interactive format trying to advance civil discourse?
CRN Digital Talk Radio - Talk - Seems like this could be a mix of talk hosts that have been heard in the past on Sirius and/or XM, but perhaps also a few that have never been heard before. May not make the final cut though, if CRN is deemed to have had a previous relationship with SXM.
Davidzon Media - Russian News/Talk/Music (Full Service?) - They'd need to rerun a few things to get a full 24 hours occupied, but they could probably do it.
Delmarva Broadcasting Company - Music - Perhaps they would broadcast their "Graffiti Radio" format?
DropZone Multimedia - Music / Talk / ? - May be disqualified due to potential previous relationship with XM. Could have "activist" left-leaning talk format. Seems like they would be very open to letting non-profits buy time on their potential satellite channel. -
Entravision Communications Corporation - Hispanic Music -
Eventus Marketing, Inc. - Hispanic Music -
Friends of WWOZ-FM, Inc. - Jazz/Blues/R&B -
Global Radio Network, Inc. - MOYL (Music Of Your Life?) - (Global also has other formats, so no guarantees.)
Goodrich Radio, LLC. - Humanist Talk (Pacifica & Mix of Podcasts) - "Public Reality Radio - Rational Patriotism" -
Howard University - R&B and/or Progressive R&B/World - Possibly WHUR-FM or WHUR World ?
iClick2Media - Long list of formats, see link: If they only get 1 channel, possibly African American Talk, but the full list is here :
Inspire Radio Network - Not much online. Anyone got ideas?
Korean Radio Broadcasting, Inc. - Korean Radio -
KTV Radio Network - Not much, again - I'm open to ideas on this one.
Living River Ministries dba KDSH-FM - "Messianic Radio" - website at already says their proposal to SXM was "not" approved.
Mainstreet Broadcasting Company, Inc. - Country -
Mark Byers - If I found the right person - Calvary Chapel Radio -
Media Ventures Unlimited LLC - Hispanic Music - More at
Mosaic Communications Partners, LLC. - Not much info. Open to suggestions, as above.
NABOB Satellite Ventures, LLC - Presumably African American targeted, but could be any format, or perhaps a block-formatted station.
Native Blend Broadcasters, LLC - Not much info - as above.
New Life Evangelistic Center, Inc - Religious / Renewable Energy Talk - Here's Help Network -
New World Broadcasting, Inc. - African American Blues/Gospel -
Pacific Horizons Media, LLC - Not much info - as above.
Pacifica Foundation - Left-leaning talk format -
Pan Desi - Desi (Second generation South Asian-American) format -
Paramount Broadcasting Corp. - Agricultural or Country format ? -
Port Townsend Seventh-Day Adventist Church - Traditional Christian Radio -
Powerful Radio Productions, Inc. - - 12 step meetings on the radio?
Radio Bilingue - Bilingual Hispanic Talk/Music -
RSS Network Corp - Hispanic format - Not much info.
Sonlife Broadcasting Network - Jimmy Swaggart preaching & teaching -
Southern Soul Music Group, LLC - Not much info.
Sunset Recordings, Inc. - Music (?) -
Three Angels Broadcasting Network - Seventh-Day Adventist Christian Talk/Teaching/Preaching -
Unwind Productions, LLC - African American (?) -
Urban One Broadcasting Network - African American (?) - Not much info
Veterans Radio Channel - Not much info. Presumably Veteran News/Talk.
Way Media, Inc. - Christian CHR/Rock -
Worldband Media, LLC. - "HumDesi Radio" or "Caribbean Radio" (?) -

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Why is Sonlife radio not on Sirius fm?